Tuesday, August 4, 2009


By www.konatraveler.com

Spur of the moment vacation? NOW is the opportunistic time. I would imagine that's the case pretty much anywhere you wish to go right now with the exception of Alaska, albeit it is beginning rainy season there and the fish are about spawned out.

We are now offering up to 50% OFF our regular vacation rental prices on the Big Island! Half off ! What’s up with that? Well, back to school is always slow and our next upsurge in rentals is October, Ironman.

Check out the deals at http://www.konatraveler.com or http://www.konaoceanfronts.com.

BTW, we have just launched our new site with LOTS of neat things to see (photos) learn and experience. There is also a contest to win a free week accommodations. So what are you waiting for? Really EXCITING news...we are launching a webcam of the Kona Pier area. Imagine, watching the HIBT, the Ironman, canoe regattas live!!! Stay tuned and RSS fee our site (www.konatraveler.com) for the new live video feed.

The weather continues to be very nice (it is always nice here), and the vog level very low (in layman terms of, “wow they sky is blue today and I can see Mauna Loa and Maui all at once”).

I have recently missed some swimming because it appears I have torn my meniscus in my knee. I would love to say I did it surfing, or running, or anything but how I did it…. (we’ll just keep that a secret for now…).

Waiting for MRI results and then probably surgery, but still trying to swim often. Gets a bit painful, but I am still out there.

Here are the most recent photos of the dolphins. They are still having "fun" and giving birth as well. There are a few cute little pink babies showing up. They are very playful and active. We had not seen dolphins for almost three weeks. We always have to wonder where they went. Do they go on vacation? If they do, where do they go Miami?

I have missed them.

Until next time, a Hui Hou friends!

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