Monday, August 10, 2009


A Parrot Fish...Not! Our Mascot the Green Winged McCaw, Kila.



The water has been stellar. Clear and fairly calm. We were threatened with the remnants of Hurricane Felicia so everyone has stocked up their batteries toilet paper and beer (that is survival kit on the Islands). As usual, no big deal, no hurricane and probably not a puff of wind. Latest news, it broke up and was was left of it headed to Maui.

Cool, we won't miss any water time tomorrow.

I have to share these babies with you! How cute is that? Now if we could just get those darn snorkel boats out of here, they dump a hundreds people in the water with these little guys.... grrr. I am going to call NOAA and complain.

Kona news! Kona just got our first TARGET store here several weeks ago. Cool! Now we have Walmart, Kmart, Target, Sports Authority, Office Max, Petco, lots of cool fast food franchises (some better than others~LOVE Panda Express and Taco Delmar), still have Macys, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, Safeway and several smaller grocery stores. We are getting on the map! We can now find 50% of the things we need locally now without having to order on-line. Go Kona!

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Never seen this color eel. Anyone know what it is?

by scared me!

Moray Eel. How would you like to get into those teeth?

A Hui Hou.

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